Physical Therapist: Okay, I’m just going to push on your knee now and you try keep me from pushing it down.

Me: Okay, sure.

Physical Therapist: Come on, resist. I’m dominating. Don’t let me dominate here.

Me: 🙈

I know I have cum in my hair but I really want to go get a bagel.

Actual thing I just said to Pup because this is our life

Me: Oh we should watch Haunting of Hill House this will be so great.

Me: *spends 70% of time hiding face in Pup’s chest*

Pup: This was a terrible idea. I’m turning this off.

Me: Nooo don’t. I’m getting so much out of this.


Posted a draft of that lil tidbit about the Californian too early.

But I’ll have the finished thing up soon. I sweeeear.




She wanted her first lesbian experience with her best friend to be special. So she sent her husband off to the other room to jerk off at their love noises.

She got on top her friend.
It was so sensual kissing and grinding her fat cunt against another womans’ slowly. Her clit glided down her friends labia.


I’m DRIPPPPING to this


Blackness clouded the edges of her vision, turning everything foggy. Not like the haze of lust she felt before, but something more, something she knew she should be afraid of, if only she could summon the energy. Unknown to her, her eyes closed, and her mind floated on a sea of pleasure.

Suddenly, a sharp slap to her cheek jolted her awake. The pressure on her neck loosened, and she gasped for breath, sucking in gulps of air.

“Welcome back, little whore,“ he said, eyes twinkling in delight as he watched her, like a predator sizing up his prey. And then his fingers tightened again, and hips began to move, drilling deep inside her sopping cunt. “Stay with me. This is only round 2.“